Meditation Vacations – Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Healing

Meditation Vacations – Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Healing

by Amanda Jackson-Russell

The result of 30+ years of study, training and practice, this lovely book contains a compendium of wellbeing and healing meditations and visualisations. For self-help use and also for use by tutors, teachers, workshop leaders and student practitioners of spiritual and energy healing, Reiki, yoga and meditation, stress management, relaxation skills and holistic therapies; also for wellbeing coaches, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and others involved in mind-body-spirit healing and wellbeing.

Extract from Amada’s book…

Guided Healing Meditation

 – Moonlit Beach, White Horse and Magical Journey  –

by Amanda Jackson-Russell

Sit comfortably with your back well supported. Rest your feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. Close your eyes, and just allow your body to relax and let go.

Imagine you are sitting in a beach-front conservatory on a summer’s evening… cool and peaceful after the warmth of the day… The sun has set and, through the windows, you see a full moon rising on the horizon over the sea… You step out from the conservatory and down some shallow stone steps that lead to the beach… Barefoot, you step softly over the white sand of the moonlit beach.

The moonlight reflecting on the deep indigo sea seems to form an enticing silver pathway over the waves… A little way along the beach, a white horse is waiting… he whinnies gently, seeming to recognise you… You climb up on some rocks and lift yourself onto his back, clasping your hands around thick strands of his mane… Somehow, you feel totally safe, comfortable… and somewhat excited.

Your white mount trots along the edge of the seashore… Then suddenly, you are both up in the air… climbing higher and higher… until you can see the whole moonlit expanse of the ocean… The beach behind you recedes into the distance… as you travel through the indigo sky and sparkling stars.

Soon, ahead of you, towards the horizon, the sky is becoming lighter… Dawn is breaking… You see an island ahead of you… glorious golden sand, low green hills, palm trees, lush valleys with streams and gentle waterfalls.

Your mount starts to lower down towards the island beach… towards brilliant turquoise sea… and gently alights on the beach… He lowers his front legs… You slide safely onto the soft white-gold sand… The whole area seems to exude an amazing energy of peace, vitality and wellbeing.

The horse wanders over to a grassy bank beyond the beach, to graze contentedly… You walk barefoot along the beach in shallow crystal-clear water… You breathe in the freshness of the gentle breeze… inhaling the magical energy from all around… feeling your whole body, mind and spirit being revitalised.

After a while, as the sun climbs higher in the sky, warming your face and body, you spot a palm tree a little way up the beach… You make your way over to it and sit down to rest in its shade… You drink in the sights, scents and sensations of this place… Time just seems to drift… There is nothing to concern or worry you… You can rest and relax completely.

After some time, you detect a gentle splashing sound coming from some rocks a little way away… It is the gentle splashing of spring water as it cascades down from the hills, running its rocky course towards the sea… You stand up and walk over to the spring water, bending down to let its fresh coolness run through your fingers… Cupping your hands, you take a refreshing drink.

The sun has begun to sink lower in the sky now… turning the sea a deeper turquoise-blue… and the sand a deeper golden-orange… You notice the white horse is nearby and gently approaching you… He stops to take a drink of spring water… You realise it’s time to be going now… You climb up onto the rocks next to the horse and once again lift yourself up onto his back, settling down and burying your hands in his mane.

Soon you are both up in the air again… winging your way over the turquoise waves… You take one last look as the magical island recedes into the distance.

You are flying higher and higher… The sky starts to turn a deep indigo-purple… bright stars appearing in their thousands… The moon casts a long silvery pathway on the now black-velvet waters below… and you follow it safely back.

At last, ahead of you is the white moonlit beach from where your adventure began… You get closer and closer… Your horse companion begins to lower down towards the beach… finally alighting gently on the sand… Once again, he lowers his front legs, and you slide safely onto the sand… You thank your companion, softly stroking his neck… He whinnies softly… then turns and trots away into the night.

The image of the moonlit beach fades away… and you begin to return your awareness to the present… feeling as though you have had a wonderful healing dream – a journey to a special magical place… feeling relaxed, peaceful and revitalised… and knowing that you can return again to that place another day.

The above is an edited extract from “Meditation Vacations – Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Healing” by Amanda Jackson-Russell (Copyright © 2021). Available from and . Contact Amanda at: .