About the Guild

Who we are

We’re a membership organisation made up of health writers with diverse specialities and a huge breadth of experience. Many of our members contribute to national newspapers and magazines and have a record of covering major health stories. Others work for medical journals, report on conferences and write for charities. Nowadays, many combine various strands of health writing work. Some are freelance, some work on staff as commissioning editors

The Guild of Health Writers was set up in 1994 to bring health writers together and to promote high professional standards. It’s a not-for-profit organisation, with income derived primarily from subscriptions and sales of our Members’ Directory. Some events are sponsored by commercial organisations to help cover costs.

What we do for members

  • Provide information, contacts and networking opportunities, through our events, the networking area of our website and social media
  • Offer members free webinars and online workshops
  • Give free or discounted entry to live networking events
  • Throw parties (usually twice a year), where members can relax and network informally
  • Hold prestigious awards events to recognise quality health writing
  • Share job opportunities
  • Offer members the chance to get involved – for example, suggesting events
  • Establish links with other relevant organisations to further the aims of the Guild and help its members

Just what some of our members say…