Carers and Caring

Carers and Caring

By Professor June Andrews LLB FRCN OBE

Whether due to old age, illness or disability, more and more of us are becoming carers of older people.  Half of all women are carers by the time they are 50 and many men are not far behind.

Carers and Caring is an essential handbook for anyone in a caring role, guiding you through the everyday administrative and emotional challenges of supporting a loved one. The contents are clear and practical, offering realistic and achievable solutions to a range of problems and situations.

Informed by Prof Andrews authority and expertise as a nurse and a family carer, this book is realistic, reassuring and practical. It is the third in a series including one stop guides to Dementia and Care Homes.

Dementia specialist and nurse Professor June Andrews provides expert advice on:

  • Managing your time, finances and family dynamics
  • Accessing social care resources from the NHS and social care services
  • Daily care such as physical assistance and meal preparation
  • Considering the transition from at-home to nursing home care.

Practical, comprehensive and compassionate, Carers and Caring will be both a resource and a comfort as you navigate your role as a carer, supporting you as you support your loved one. – follow on twitter @profjuneandrews